About Me

Hi! I am Amy Turner Wiegand, the associate publisher of Charlotte Wedding magazine. Since 1995 I have worked in the advertising and marketing realm, most of which has revolved around the bridal and event planning industries. I love parties, gatherings, entertaining and really anything that celebrates life! The events industry itself is a celebration of wonderful foods and tasty beverages. And, I’m so lucky to be involved and invited to so many fabulous soirees…all of which revolve around eating! I love these events. I do! But, I do not love working out or having to manage my diet. Hence the extra weight I have gained. However, genes are genes, and I’m one of many who has to make a significant life change to keep my health and weight in balance. It has to be a conscious effort, and I’ve been unconscious for the past several years. So, it’s time to make that change and I’m ready…again. Follow me on my adventure to contentment, balance and the humor needed to bounce along this weight loss journey!

Photo by BlueSky Studios

Make-up by Erin Ashley


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