O’Bummer I’m O’Beast

It’s been aObesewhile since I’ve posted. Mainly, a job transition took me from one magazine to another preventing the continuance of this blog… at least that’s my excuse. Nevertheless, I find myself drawn back to a blog spot that will hold me accountable to a serious lifestyle change. From losing weight to losing negative people and unnecessary drama…it’s time to get on back on track…and, hopefully stay on a path that promotes health in every aspect of my life.

Today, I had my annual physical, and I found myself a bit perplexed by the early implementations of The Affordable Healthcare Act. As you are well aware, when going for preventative care or any other medical visit a weigh-in is requested. I obliged as always, went through the other procedures of the pre-exam visit, and I waited for my doctor while perusing the latest Better Homes and Gardens. When she came in, she sat down and explained the many changes the AHA had inflicted on her medicine practice. She asked me various questions about my health, my history and family history – pretty routine questions until we got to my weight.

Mind you, I need to lose some weight. I know this. My doctor a short, “fluffy”, brilliant woman with a keen sense of humor approached the subject in a new manner. Our conversation went something like this:

Doctor: Are you exercising?

Me: Yes, I started back doing light cardio and hand weights today. I’m aware I need to lose some weight.

Doctor: Hunny, I think there are only two women on earth who don’t think they need to lose weight. Most of us do. You are gorgeous, just take it slow and a day at a time and you will get to your goal.

Me: Thank you. That’s the plan.

Doctor: I think you are smart to get started now, however. It’s possible this time next year you will be fined for being obese. {She looked at me with a “can-you-believe-it” eye roll and smirk.}

Me: Obese?

Doctor: Yes, if you don’t meet the body mass index (BMI) percentage for your height you will be charged for the pounds you are overweight.

Me: You’re fucking kidding me? {I said this to myself}

Doctor: Again, don’t worry too much about it. Just live in the present moment, be happy and do what you can do. I just don’t want to see you paying good money for weight you can easily loose.

Me: That’s all I can do. Wow. Obese huh? This administration calls me obese? Nice.

Doctor: Don’t let me forget to give you the federal governments body mass index worksheet. It’s mandatory we give it out.

…And, she exited the exam room. I waited for my EKG…pondering my BMI…

And, if you’re anything like me, being labeled anything negative is not fun. I’m intelligent enough to know that I’m not “obese”, nor will I let myself be defined by a label put on me by the American government. I realize “we the people” need to lose extra pounds for our health and to drive healthcare cost down, “we the people” also need to be very mindful of the messages we send about positive body image. After talking to the doctor a bit further in detail, she explained I would realistically NOT meet my BMI. She said. “This measure is just impossible for everyone to meet given unique differences. This is an unrealistic box to be asked to live in. So, if the AHA is instated, you will most likely be paying.”

Haven’t we already been “paying”?

*Photo inset was a “selfie” taken of me and my “obesity”. I am 5’8″.


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