Lil’ Black Dress

I’ve skipped two weeks on my blog and weigh-in. Oops! I’ve been so busy with work and my little one that I gave up thinking about it. I guess you can say I have been on a “Get Fit hiatus”! Am I okay with that? No, not unless you call cussing your closet every day an act of acceptance! Yes, it’s true. Picking out outfits in the morning or whenever is about the biggest affirmation that something has got to give. But, when will I be ready? When will my proverbial switch ‘flip’? When will I become the Nike ad I want to be and ‘just do it’? I’ve done it before. God knows I’m motivated and disciplined. Why? Why? Why can’t I get into this? Well, for one, it’s harder to lose weight as you get older. But it’s more than that. I’m literally hanging on to this fat. And I think I know why, but I’m not ready to admit it. Not today. I can tell you this: the fat I carry is hiding something. You know, it’s the same type of hiding you think your favorite black outfit hides. Your go-to outfit. The one you pull from the closet when all else fails because it hides the divots and smooths the rolls by disguising what’s really underneath. I think you can relate. And I’m pretty certain that most of you, like me, hang on to certain things we need to expel because of a dysfunction relating to comfort, protection and maybe even denial. My fat is my wall. I’ll leave it at that. This “wall” needs to come down and when it does, I will finally get to wear that lil’ black dress in my closet again! What’s more, I’ll have managed to work off what’s underneath it all.


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