Back when everybody used their doppelgänger as their Facebook profile picture, I didn’t have to think too hard as to who mine would be. A Cookie Monster icon was downloaded from the internet and promptly uploaded onto my profile photo. Since I can remember, my favorite sweet-treat has been cookies. Maybe it’s because my mom and I baked so many together when I was a child and they evoke good memories, or maybe I just like the way they taste. It’s both. Cookies are my ultimate comfort food. I don’t have a cookie preference. They just have to be cookies. Preferably fresh cookies accompanied by milk or coffee. But, stale cookies work great with milk and coffee too. Doesn’t matter. Show me a cookie and, with that, I turn into a big, blue, googly-eyed fur ball. ME LOVE COOKIES!

So, last week was stressful. Stress equals eating comfort foods. Each day I ate cookies. One, two, three, four. One day all I ate was cookies. Cookies for breakfast, cookies for lunch, cookies for dinner. ME WANT MORE COOKIES! Plain and simple, I fudged my weight loss plans because I’m an emotional eater, and I had no discipline under stress. I gained 1.1 pounds. I had only lost three-ish, so gaining, is well, going in the wrong direction. I’ve decided not to hold on to self-inflicted guilt. I’ve decided that I’m allowed to be stressed and cave into my weak moments. I have decided that when my inner Cookie Monster needs to roar, I will let him and he can eat cookies. I have decided, that yes, I’m going to drop weight and get in better shape. But, I have also decided that I’m not denying myself who I have been the last 39 years. I’m the tall, funny, sometimes chubby girl who eats cookies. I ate pizza too, lots and lots of pizza, but that is a whole different doppelgänger – Miss Piggy.


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