Evil Personified

This is my first week on Weight Watchers. Yes, I joined. Again. So, that means I rejoined. Which means I once lost weight, and I now need to go back again. Grumble. Sigh.

Most of you know that Weight Watchers assigns their members a daily points value. This value is based on your weight and your weight-loss goals. All foods, condiments and beverages are also assigned a points value. You can eat any food items as long as you stay within your points value each day/week. It’s fairly simple and easily trackable with the technological advance on smart phones, etc. I love it and am excited to see my weight drop each week.

Yesterday, I had eaten my lunch. It was a Weight Watchers Smart Ones. Otherwise known as, a quickie frozen lunch entree with assigned points labeled on the box so that I don’t have to think too much on a busy workday! It was actually tasty and filling, but I needed a little more. My savory lunch entree warranted a balancing act with a sweet counterpart. So, off I went to the vending machine in our office break room. As I stood gazing into the vending machine, I knew I could stay true to my goal and bypass the junk peering back at me for a healthier option. I spotted Fig Newtons! “Yayee me!” I thought. I beat the temptation of evil and overcame the lure of an empty caloric-snack. Not to say Fig Newtons aren’t empty calories, it was just the lesser evil. Proudly, I pushed the buttons to order-up the drop for my figs. Mid-push, I said allowed to the machine, “Be damned fattening options, I can do this!” As I watched for my precious figs to release I saw another item fall to the bottom of the machine. A totally different item. The wrong item! It was a Snickers candy bar. What just happened? I leaned my head on the glass window and looked down into the dispensing troth. There on the bottom of that machine lay a Snickers candy bar. Not just any Snickers candy bar. A full-sized, “mama jama.” The queen mother of all Snickers candy bars. Dangit! I didn’t have any more quarters to get my figs. I squatted down and reached through the dispenser door. The door grabbed my wrist and held on to it as if to say, “NO! Don’t do it!” But, I paid for it, so I wrangled that Snickers out of there and walked back to my desk. I’m not going to eat it. “I’m not,” I told myself. “Okay, maybe just a bite. One bite won’t hurt. Right?” I sunk my teeth into that one bite and bit it off kind of intensely. I was upset. I had good intentions. The machine fed me the wrong item. I felt like a mad, crazy person who had been scorned by a Snickers candy bar. The more I thought about the madder it made me. The dang vending machine was out to get me. The Snickers candy bar its accomplice. I’ll show you both, I thought to myself…so, in three bites the Snickers was dead. I mean gone. NOM NOM NOM NOM… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I’m not going to say I failed. I’m going to say I had a weak moment of stress over a vending machine snack that was personified by an evil spirit who took over my body and made me eat that candy bar! It is what it is and tomorrow is a new day in which I will try to do better with temptation and the evil that lurks through the office break room vending machine.


3 thoughts on “Evil Personified

  1. Ha! Happens to us all Amy, every now and then.
    I always say to myself, “Better luck next meal!”.

    The important thing is, you’re doing it!
    Go on, girl!

    • I’m doing it and the whole world is watching…and laughing and crying with me. Thank goodness I know I am not alone! Thank you for being so encouraging and positive, always!

  2. LOL! I am still laughing. LOL! Rolling on the floor laughing. Maybe the vending machine was trying to let you know that; “It really is ok to have a yummly treat once in awhile”…otherwise…you might go NUTS! NUTS for too many SNICKER BARS! LOL!

    Now is the time to go to the grocery store (Walmart, Target) and load up a door in your office with items that are good “fer ya”. Girlfriend, Moanie, has been on WW off and on for years. You might want to ask her about “all her tricks” . She has em!

    LOVE YOU! And, advice from someone who knows: STAY AWAY FROM THE VENDING MACHINE! LOLOLOL!

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