Wonder Woman, I’m not!

I’m poolside in my lycra, “You Will Look Ten Thousand Pounds Smaller, Guaranteed“, bathing suit. I’m feeling fat, pale-white and ugly. My seven year old daughter jumps in the kiddy pool, so I close my eyes and drink the sun that’s warming my face. I drift into a light dream of the future, where I’m laying by an exotic pool. I’m in the Mediterranean in a bikini where a handsome man is serving me low-cal adult beverages. The peace that overcomes my body sinks me deeper into my dream, and I fantasize that I transformed into the curvy, tight phyisque of my favorite superhero, Wonder Woman! I feel the curve of my lips turn upward softly and affirm to myself that I will be in better shape this time next year. Then THUUUUGH, my two-second daze into wonderland is awakened by my daughter jumping on me dripping wet from her pool-time play. She follows the jump with, “Momma, your tummy is soft”. Welcome to reality I think to myself. “Better landing gear for wet, water-babies!” I say, as I tickle her cute little belly. And, with that, I knew it was time to get serious. No more wasting time. The time to get fit is now!

So, knowing that I need to eat and move to lose weight and regain tonality, I thought I’d enlist the help of a trainer. I received a recommendation and followed through with contact. This guy was built, ex-athlete, etc. I knew upon meeting him I would be put through a serious program of intense fitness. My vision of the Goddess I love and so long to see in the mirror staring back at me was a bubble thought hanging over my head as he put me through an optical course of metal machines that banged and clicked my muscles to jello. This was good and I was excited…But wait, I had some concerns. Having had two, open, lower lumbar disectomies and being aware of my limitations, shortly after my initial workout, I visited my orthopedic doc and my surgeon to get their input on my fitness program. They said, absolutely no compression, no impact. I’m looking into a fusion, so they want to minimize a blow-out and since the surgeon has opened me up and seen my spine, he knows best. But, I have to admit. I was disappointed. I was ready for Mr. Muscles Galore to whip me into the Wonder Woman of my dreams. I had to tell him I couldn’t do the program as initially planned. He touted back with a “yes, you can, I am a trainer and I know what I am doing”. Well, that was not the answer I wanted to hear. I was hoping a professional trainer knowing my situation would have given me the correct program from the start. But, he didn’t and he didn’t offer to change it up, so I rolled up my lasso of truth and told him thanks, but I need to move on. Lesson learned and you can take note; investigate the right trainer for you and make sure you do consult with a doctor before starting any fitness or diet programs.

So, how am I suppose to get in shape and lose weight without a trainer? Since I have been involved with fitness in my “past life”…I know enough to continue to look for a trainer who fits my needs. Stay tuned for more on that! In the interim, I am going to stretch, walk and use the fitness equipment I have access to. Dumbbells, treadmill, elliptical, etc. I’m also lucky to have a pool, and I know that swimming is not only good for everyone, but especially someone with back issue…so, off I go to jump in the pool and begin the metamorphic spin into the Wonder Woman I am not… …not, yet.


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