“Sister, it’s time for a change!”

Change is Good!I don’t want to have to lose weight. Why do I have to be the one who yo-yos? Why can’t I just stay fit and trim, naturally? My body was once featured in Fitness magazine, I was once a Miss NC USA contestant and I once worked out 4 times a week and walked daily. That is, once, a long, long time ago…when I was 23! I’m not 23 anymore. In fact, I’m rounding 40. I’m not troubled by my age, but I am troubled that I let myself get “fat” again. Yes, again. As I mentioned, I am a “yo-yoer”. Just call me O’Amy Winfrey! And, yes, the blame game is at play…I blame myself for several reasons. Some of which I will blog about over the coming months.

Right now, I weigh the same exact weight when I was full-term pregnant with my now seven year old daughter. Sigh. Shortly after she was born, I managed to take it all off and then some. It seemed easy at the time. But now, it seems so hard! I have known for awhile that I needed to get a handle on my diet and exercise regimen or should I say, the lack-there-of. But, the more I seemed to “want” to lose weight, the more I seemed to gain. Guess why? I wasn’t ready. I was in denial.

Recently, I was brainstorming some initiatives to generate buzz for the magazine I manage. Being it a bridal publication, it seemed a good idea to launch a weight loss contest. I haven’t met a bride yet that doesn’t want everything about her special day to be perfect, including her figure, sooo…my team and I sat down and cooked-up the inaugural Carolina Bride Get Fit Challenge. I’m very excited to follow the five finalists on their journey to weight-loss through the big reveal next spring. I must admit, going at this alone stinks; so, I’m am using this professional initiative as a great excuse to get my personal mojo back on track!

This initiative alone is not the reason I now find myself ready to become the best me I can be. It started so many months ago when I found that my favorite jeans didn’t fit and during the very same outfitting, the breast button on my favorite blouse popped-off from ample bosom pressure. It was a wake-up call. And, my clothes were saying, “Sister, it’s time for a change”! I was disgusted with myself and I am disgusted with myself. I use to be so svelte. Never unrealistically thin or even perfectly fit, just a more pleasant me. I want to be that me again. So today, in front of myself and whomever decides to read this blog I’m committing to a healthy process of getting in better shape, eating right and loving myself again. Won’t you join me?


11 thoughts on ““Sister, it’s time for a change!”

  1. Loved this- I relate! I am finding as I get older(nearing the really big _ _ _ _ _ _ 0!), it does make a real difference to consciously manage stress. Making time to exercise and for self-care becomes important for not putting on the pounds. I am certainly a work in progress!

  2. Your blog is inspiring and as a bride to be I have been working hard to get in shape and be perfect for my special day! I will be joining you to get healthy! I’m looking forward to reading more. -Amy LaFontaine

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